Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tonight's Project

Much like most people I have a morning routine.
I wont bore you with the timeline of events but here are a few
things that happen without a doubt every. single. morning.
get up. make the bed.
[yes. this is ALWAYS the first thing i do]
[even if someone is still sleeping there]
then in no particular order:
shower, drink coffee, eat breakfast.
and my favorite part...browse my daily blogs.
Surely if I were to look at all of the blogs i love every day,
this would take an extremely large part out of my day.
However there are a few that I check in on religiously.
Among them is Young House Love.
I wish I could say that I've been keeping up
with this super adorable couple since the beginning of their blog,
but sadly I've just found them a few short months ago.
They had me hooked at first glance.

Much like Sherry, I also keep a Gratitude Journal. Over the last {almost} year
it has become one of my most prized possesions.
So when I saw their post yesterday I fell in love all over again.

With a surprise night to myself and the inspiration of my best friend
I've decided this is definitely my project for the night.

The possibilities are endless with some glass vases, glass etching cream, and a stencil.
Check out their ingenious creation here.

But first; What are you thankful for??

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