Friday, February 18, 2011

Always Love Turns 1!

One year ago tomorrow I published my first blog post. 
I had gotten my tonsils out three days before and was in a pain medication enduced haze,
but I just HAD to start my blog right then. It couldn't wait.

I've spent some time lately looking back over old posts,
and its interesting to see where I was just 365 days ago,
and how much I've grown and accomplished since.

In 2010 I wrote only 75 posts.
So far this year I wrote 67 in January alone.
This year is going to be a great year.
I can feel it.

Here are a few of my favorite posts over the year:

-Hands down best YouTube video in a long time
-Philadelphia: This is Where I Call Home
-My best friend guest blogged about the Happiness Project 
while I galavanted in Puerto Rico
-Current Loves: Flowers in Newsprint
-What I was (still am) thankful for at Thanksgiving 2010
-Some of my favorite quotes here, here, here and here
-The best advice I've ever been given
-One day this will be framed in my home

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    1. happy first birthday! may you keep sharing lot's of love each and every day!