Sunday, October 3, 2010


A few years ago I met one of my dearest friends.
Although we may not talk every day, or even every week, she means more to me than she knows.
Life goes on and things change.
Some of the changes in our lives over the past few years have put hundreds of miles between us and have brought the cutest little boy to us.
Meet Brandyn Jess' beautiful baby boy.
He is hands down top ten cutest kid ever.
In September I was lucky enough to travel to Chicago with my friend Christie to visit Jess and celebrate Brandyn's first birthday.
Take a look at some of the pictures from our trip and I dare you to show me a cuter kid.

Brandyn & his beautiful mama Jess.

Just whipped up some duckie cupcakes for the birthday party...



Best. Sugar. Cookies. Ever.

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