Tuesday, October 12, 2010

i love october

October is a wonderful month.
Fall weather, fall baking, lots of friends birthdays, (Red) October baseball, Halloween, and my own birthday.
Today is a dear friends birthday.

Christine and I met years ago in highscool. (who would have thought that two people that are such opposites would become lifelong friends?)
As most friendships go, we've been through it all.
I can always count on her.
She'll always be there for me to turn to, she'll listen, give some advice, make me laugh, buy me a drink, and leave me alone at the bar after being easily distracted.
Then she will call me the next morning (more like afternoon/evening) and fill me on on what crazy adventure she ended up on. (If you ever need a good story shes the girl to go to)
Its all of these things that make me love her.
I cant wait to see what else the future will bring to our friendship.
Happy 24th Stinky!
I love you.

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