Thursday, January 20, 2011

Style Inspiration: Blazers

For years my work dress code required a blazer.
Thats a black blazer, 5 days a week, for years.
Once the dress code changed and I was freed from the
restrictions of that jacket I had come to hate,
I gave up blazers and never looked back.

But this past weekend, a friend pointed out the lovely qualities
of a nice blazer, not your stereotypical shoulder pads and stiff fabric.
I'm now on the hunt for the pefect one!

blazer & a mini, leather jacket & a tee. love.

not sure which i like more, this handbag or this blazer.

bows and double finger rings make me smile

casual cutoffs and a fancy blazer. perfect for a chilly summer night

blazer and a dress <3

my absolute favorite! tights?
extra large louis? green blazer?

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