Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Favs

Lots of Friday lovin' for you today, so I'll keep this short and sweet.
Although my weekend plans aren't panning out quite like I hoped, I plan to enjoy every second of it.
Hopefully you all do the same!

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  • Swoon. Tory Burch's glorious estate.
  • I have my own Instax Mini but I must get my hands on the Wide version as well!
  • Perfect spring/summer treat.
  • I wish I had this for my favorite holiday next weekend.
  • I've without a doubt beome obsessed with watches. I simply cannot stop buying them!
    Look how amazing these two are here and here.
  • Definitely need to do this or this to a patricular pair of pants.
    [yes, dk, there is still a scar from that little fall of mine.]
    Just some more wrist bling. I told you I'm obsessed.
  • Lovee this tote, for SO many reasons.

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  1. where do i get those little itty bitty cameras? and how much are we talking?