Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It All Starts With an Idea

"I was a technology nerd.
I had no experience in fashion or shoes, I met some kids who didn't have shoes,
I wanted to give them shoes and now I'm head of the fastest-growing shoe company in the world.
I've given away 300,000 pairs of shoes,
so I'm an example that you really can make a huge difference with just an idea."
-Blake Mycoskie

If you've visited Always Love recently, you already know I'm a huge supportor of
One Day Without Shoes,
which is happening right now, today, all over the world!
A downside of being in the corporate world, I'm unable to go barefoot in the office today,
so instead I'll be spending every possible moment shoe-less
and also be treating myself and a youngster somewhere out there to a new pair of TOMS!

Are any of you spending the day barefoot?
Even just a few hours today supports the cause!


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