Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baby Gavin

About two years ago I started following this blog.
It didnt take long before I was in love with Natalie and her family.
In fact, I dont think I was done reading one post.
Her story, her photography, and honest, down to earth words are incredible.
The grace (and occasional lack there of, understandably so) with which she handled
the loss of her beautiful Baby Gavin is beyond inspiring.
Just last month my co-workers and I participated in the March of Dimes March for Babies walk.
Since the walk my inbox has seen more than a few
borderline annoying follow up emails from the walk coordinator.
Yesterdays email caught my eye. The subject line?
"Sounds of Pertussis Launches Race to Blanket America"

Since finding Natalie,
[well finding her blog considering she lives in Hawaii (for now)]
the words Pertussis and Whooping Cough are directly correlated with her and Baby Gavin.

After following the links in my email I created my own blanket square
To join in the prevention of Pertussis visit Sounds of Pertussis.
This year launches the Race to Blanket America campaign, and as soon as I got the email,
I created my own square. Each square that is created is a dollar donation to the March of Dimes!
Go here to create your own digital blanket square.
[also see what Natalie has to say about it here]
Dont forget to click the link at the top to find where you can get your vaccine!

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