Saturday, May 7, 2011

Friday Favorites

This week has felt like the longest week. Then again I feel like I say that alot lately.
With working two jobs and other various after work activities,
I find myself reading or sleeping with little free time I do have.
Not to mention that after working 8+ hours on a computer a day each and every week,
the last thing I usually want to do when I get home is open up my laptop.

Which is probably why I find myself finishing this post Saturday morning...
As I work from two laptops and blog from another,
(Yes, thats three computers. I've become quite the multi-tasker...
multiple computers going at once is not unusual for me these days.)
enjoying a large cup of coffee, theres not much more that I want to do than
get up and go.
Hopefully these links are as inspiring and motivating to you as they are to me.

  • Everyone loves a good organization secret. This is my favorite
  • Both of these adorable treats are on my Mothers Day menu
  • A perfectly refreshing summer treat
  • I'm on the hunt for the perfect clutch...this is pretty darn close
  • DIY bracelet with everyday household items (im in love)
  • The source of my extreme inspiration on this beautiful morning

1 comment:

  1. I fell in love with the DIY bracelet! And the huge polaroid picture. Amazing.
    You come up with the most interesting and amazing ideas!