Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Monday!

Good Morning!
Hopefully all of you here with me on the East Coast survived the hurricane with little damages.
Heres how my weekend went.

If you read Friday's post, you saw a few of my favs and read about good ol' Irene.
After work, (and a nap to prepare for the weekend ahead)
I made some hurricane Jello shots and pizza bread!

After spending Saturday night with friends, I woke up to this lovely picture.

Just a little bit of debris was blocking my driveway, preventing me from going home.
Thankfully I've got great friends (thanks Matt & Kati!) and we settled in for the day with coffee and a movie.

Once I got word that a path had been cleared and our power was restored I headed home,
only to be greeted by a gap in the giant tree wide enough for a Smart Car
[for those of you that don't know, my car's just a tiny bit wider than those toy cars.]
After jumping out to move a large portion of the tree so I could really get through,
I was home just long enough to make some lunch before the power went out again.
My street is lined with trees that love to fall onto power lines so being powerless isn't the most unusual situation for us to be in. [the last large storm left us blocked in with trees down on either side of the driveway
and without power for 6 that was a fun time.]

Night came with countless candles keeping our rooms aglow and a super early bed time.
And let me tell you, the "gentle" hum of generators does not make the for best sleeping.

How was your weekend??

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