Thursday, August 25, 2011


I know you're out there...
& my blogger stats prove it.

A while back I posted this about how much I love hearing from you, my readers.
It's still true, and you're still out there.
While life [and work, and  summer traveling] have definitely slowed my blog progress, you're still here.
You're still reading what little I have to share.

Theres just one thing.


I dont know who you are.

Some of you (well, only 14 of you) are actual "followers",
some of you find me randomly through other blogs or websites,
and some of you, pay regular visits while creeping around under the radar.
[yes Diana, this is directed at you.]

It's about time you come out of hiding.
Become a follower or at least leave some comments.
Let me know who you are & what you love about alwayslove.

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