Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!
This week is finalllly coming to a close. Did it feel torturously slow for anyone else?
As you know I'm headed away for the long weekend and thought I'd leave you with some of my favorite pictures of gorgeous vintage luggage. I've decided I definitely need to keep an eye out for some amazing pieces similar to these for around my one day dream house.



Green vintage style luggage? Say no more. I need this.

I wish I had a suitcase like this. She's got all the essentials.
Cable knits, flannel, a clutch, camera and dinosaurs all in a beautiful leather suitcase.

One day maybe I'll add a piece of LV luggage to my collection.
But don't worry, I dont travel with this many bags and I wont be doing ridiculous poses on my LV trunk.

This is perfection and thats all there is to it.
What do you lovelies have planned for the holiday weekend?


  1. The wall of luggage is a must. Also, we are each going to get an LV traveling piece (hopefully sooner rather than later)and Paris should die. No questions asked.

  2. I will be packing to come home to PA. Hopefully the airports are completely deserted!