Monday, September 26, 2011

So Long Summer

After sneaking off to Florida for the weekend, I'm back to finish my summer recap!
Technically my weekend trip was my first trip of Fall but we're going to count it as Summer since the weather was so nice and sunny.
September quickly brought fall weather to my neck of the woods
but I managed to squeeze every last drop out of this amazing Summer.

I headed to New Jersey to celebrate with my nearest and dearest family friends. Christine (with her family in the top middle) and I have been friends for as long as I can remember. We've enjoyed many family parties, camp outs, and holidays by each others sides. [We saw Titanic on her 13th birthday and cried through the entire thing. We even had "friendly" cooking contests every Easter which we cannot wait to start again this year.] Now that we're "grown up" we have transitioned from the kids table ourselves, to having her kids at the kids table. How adorable are the youngest cousins in the middle bottom picture??
Blond locks and unfairly long eye lashes are a sure recipe for trouble.
As was the case most of the summer, September brought on many random activities to pass the time. I spent many nights at CBP watching my favorite baseball team, hanging with cute little girls who give the best hugs, saw Blink 182 for the second time in two months, spent way too much money on Fabric Row in South Philadelphia, and relaxed on the beach with family in Florida.

As sad as I am for Summer to be over, I've got some pretty good things in line for Fall and cant wait to break out my sweaters and boots!

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