Tuesday, September 20, 2011

So Long Summer

With only three official days of summer left, it really feels like Fall has made an early arrival on the East Coast. Fall is pushing itself on us with crisp mornings, chilly nights and lots of rain.
While I wish I were on the beach drinking icey cocktails instead of inside on this gray day,
I thought a little summer reminiscing might do some good.

If you havent realized, I deeply love traveling. Near or far, I'll go pretty much anywhere.
I started the summer off with a trip north to see some good friends (you cant see them, but paired with Diana's white tank and leather jacket are some amazing sequin shorts!) & one really cool pup...tell me he's not adorable. Next up was a week long beach vacation for my frien Kelly's wedding. That handsome kid with me in the black and white photo is (my one day) B.I.L or Bradley, either applies. Throw in some of my favorite little ones and a beach weekend with my college roommate, and I couldnt have asked for a better start to the summer!

How did you kick off your summer?

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  1. what an adorable collection of pictures. summers are filled with so much adventure!